We will get through this!

Dear friends and supporters,

As you have all heard, my family and I were at the heart of the Dunrobin tornado disaster. Over 50 of our neighbours have serious damage to their homes and over 30 will lose their houses entirely. Our community businesses have also been devastated.  Many others on rural roads have also been badly hit, including farms. Our hearts go out to everyone as they rebuild their lives, farms and businesses. We must be sure to offer our help and support to all who need it. I am gathering information and offers of help and I will be actively engaging in fundraising and community rebuilding. Together we will get through this!

My family was fortunate to only have minor damage. I was at the Carp Fair when the tornado warning came and we all rushed to the arena to wait it out. My husband Jeff was at home when the tornado hit and he lay on the floor until it passed. He was out on the streets going door-to-door within 5 minutes, helping those who were trapped or devastated by the losses. He took care of a few young children while their mom, a paramedic, ran to help the injured. He also sheltered a student from West Carleton High School whose mom had been badly injured in front of his eyes.

Thanks to the incredible efforts of first responders, Ottawa Hydro and Hydro One workers and City of Ottawa staff we have now returned home. From the bottom of my heart I also want to thank friends and neighbours for your kind and generous help that has ranged from beds to sleep in to meals to offers to assist with clean-up.

For obvious reasons my election campaign went on the back burner because I have been completely focussed on what has happened to us and our neighbours. However, as things slowly return to normal my campaign team and I are regrouping. This evening I will, once again, be at the briefing at West and if there is an opportunity for volunteers to be useful this coming weekend I will be calling on all of you to join my family and I in helping. Stay tuned for another update in the next few days

With love and appreciation,

Judi (and her entire family)

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