West Carleton is a unique rural community within Ottawa where everyone, no matter their age, income or location, can access the services and opportunities they want and need to thrive in the 21st century while enjoying an excellent quality of life. 


  1. Collaboration: working with residents, employers, business owners, farmers, youth and seniors to achieve our common goals
  2. Caring: making sure that no one is left behind or left out so we all benefit
  3. Community: valuing the people that make West Carleton a great place to live, work and play
  4. Creativity: looking for new solutions, seeking innovative approaches that have shown success elsewhere and adapting them to improve our communities
  5. Compromise: seeking win-win outcomes by bringing people together to explore all options  
  6. Concern for the environment: ensuring that we preserve and enhance our natural assets so our children and grandchildren can thrive while respecting individual and property rights
  7. Contribution: leveraging the contributions of all levels of government, community associations and agencies, long-term residents and newcomers, youth and seniors, property owners and entrepreneurs
  8. Commitment: leading by example by offering my 100% commitment to the well-being of all community members
  9. Communication: listening to the concerns and ideas of all stakeholders and in turn keeping people informed regularly


I am confident in my ability to speak up for West Carleton-March at the council table. I have attended many council and committee meetings over the past decade. I have worked with current and former city councillors. I know it is important to work together with fellow councillors but at the same time we need someone at the table who will make sure that the needs and concerns of our community are clearly expressed and effectively addressed. My top priority will be to be a regular and active member of the Agricultural and Rural Affairs Committee and other committees that have direct impact on the issues that matter to us.