Better transportation

Nearly every resident I speak with mentions transportation challenges. Anyone who uses our roads, whether to drive, ride a bike or walk along the shoulders, knows they are in bad shape. In its own report the City acknowledges that most of our road network is in fair, poor or very poor condition. It’s time to address our road repair deficit.  

Seniors who don’t drive in winter anymore or at all. Youth who can’t get to their part time job or volunteer commitments. Students who are missing out on after-school sports because they can't get home. Employers who are struggling to get workers to their businesses along Carp Road or in the villages. We need a rural transit solution that makes sense and is cost-effective.


Parents tell me they won’t let their kids walk or bike along the shoulders in Constance Bay due to speeding traffic, potholes and degraded shoulders. Others say their youth can't bike to school due to unsafe intersections. Walking and cycling along most of our roads can be an unpleasant and unsafe experience. 

In my first term as Councillor I will use the upcoming review of the City's Transportation Master Plan to:

  1. Address rural road conditions and work collaboratively with residents and other rural councillors to identify priorities and propose funding and oversight mechanisms.
  2. Identify best practices in rural transit, meet with transportation staff and begin an engagement process to develop a “made in West Carleton-March” transit plan.
  3. Review the community design plans for Carp and Constance Bay to ensure implementation of identified pedestrian and cycling safety measures, and assess needs elsewhere in Ward 5.