Better representation

I am proud to live, work, play and volunteer in West Carleton-March. As I meet with hundreds of residents I am hearing that we need a stronger champion at City Hall who will work more proactively on behalf of all of us at the council table.   

I am committed to consulting more widely and proactively with residents, employers, farmers and anyone else wishing to contribute to improving our community.  I will use all means possible to regularly communicate with and inform residents about City issues and my work on your behalf. I will continue to support efforts to bring back a local print newspaper.

In my first term as Councillor I will:

  1. Participate actively in the Agricultural and Rural Affairs Committee and propose a review of its mandate to make it more responsive to rural needs, including hosting regular Rural Summits. 
  2. Create a Residents’ Advisory Council and a Youth Advisory Council that will meet regularly to advise me on matters impacting our quality of life.
  3. Establish more flexible office hours (including evenings and weekends), produce a regular ward newsletter, and hold regular community engagement events in all the villages of West Carleton-March.