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Election day is tomorrow!

Election day is tomorrow and the race in West Carleton-March is very close.

Every vote…YOUR VOTE…as well as those of your family, friends and neighbours really will count.

In his first election in 2003 my opponent won by just 29 votes. This could happen again unless all my supporters cast their ballot tomorrow.


News release: better transit top issue in West Carleton-March.

DUNROBIN, OCTOBER 15, 2018 -- Residents of rural Ottawa’s West Carleton-March ward say their number one concern is having better options when it comes to transportation – from public transit to better roads – says Judi Varga-Toth, a candidate for City Council in the October 22, 2018 municipal election. Varga-Toth gathered the information through an online survey that asked residents for their views on topics ranging from quality of life in West Carleton-March to the importance of having access closer to home to more transit, recreation, health and policing services.

Respondents from all areas of the ward, including Carp, Dunrobin, and Constance Bay have participated in the survey, and continue to do so. A large majority of those who responded emphasized the importance of better transportation within West Carleton and improved connections to Ottawa’s transit system.

“In the survey and at the door, people keep telling me about the challenges of living and working in a large rural ward with limited access to transit services,” Varga-Toth says. “It affects everyone: employees who work downtown, youth who need to get to jobs or sports activities, and seniors travelling to appointments.”

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Donor transparency.

On October 5th I publicly released my current list of campaign donations as a demonstration of my commitment to openness. Traditionally donor lists are only released after an election but I feel voters have the right to know who is supporting me financially before casting their ballots. I also call upon the other Ward 5 candidates to be equally transparent by releasing their donor lists prior to election day.

Catch the videos.

Missed the Ward 5 candidates debate on Rogers TV on September 5th? Watch it here

And here is my vision for West Carleton-March in 30 seconds courtesy of CTV News Ottawa. 

My priorities.

I will be a strong, principled voice for West Carleton-March at City Council working for improvements for everyone in our community. As your Councillor your priorities will be my priorities! Based on what I have been hearing from residents as I go door to door and through the results of an online survey, these are the issues that matter most to Ward 5 residents: 

1. Better local access: to services, recreation & jobs 

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2. Better transportation: improved road conditions, new transit options, safer cycling & walking

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3. Better representation: stronger voice at Council, enhanced community engagement, increased outreach

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